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Cryptocurrency Benchmark Indices

We offer independent and objective indices across the cryptocurrency spectrum. The indices, which are available 24 hours a day, employ a robust set of principles to ensure precise and reliable pricing. All of our indices receive data from a number of global cryptocurrency spot exchanges which accurately reflect the activity in the underlying markets resulting in broad representation of fair value.

IOSCO rules govern the formation, guidelines and ongoing support of our benchmark services. Services include licensing an index, providing day-to-day calculations, dissemination of our proprietary indices, and broadcasting data in real time are available.

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Our Cryptocurrency Indices have been defined using IOSCO guidelines, CFTC requirements where applicable, with the goal of providing real time information about specific market performance. Sound index construction, rigorous maintenance and uninterrupted data distribution make the indices accessible among investment professionals and the general public. Construction, weighting, calculation and review dictate how each index functions and performs using publicly available prices for the types of assets in each index with the resulting output providing fair value for TeraExchange listed instruments as well as portfolio mark-to-market, Index investment products, research or a combination of these uses.

Market demand may drive the impetus to create an index or the motivation may come from academia, our team continues to identify opportunities in the cryptocurrency arena to track a particular market and adheres to the same stringent criteria for each. Our goal is always with the intent to allow fair value exposure for a market segment to be trackable. Each of our indices architecture includes the broadest possible set of publicly available securities or other asset classes that could potentially be eligible for the index, these prices are essential for reliable index calculations.

Available Indices

Robust Underlying Exchanges

Strict and Objective Criteria

Components of the Index

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