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TeraGlobal Agency Lending Desk

TeraGlobal is a service that facilitates market participants needs to borrow or lend cryptocurrencies.

Tera Global is an Agent Lender of Cryptocurrency:

As Agent Lenders we are third party specialists in cryptocurrency lending services. Beneficial owners of cryptocurrency outsource the lending to us as their agents in order to reduce their operational workload and to benefit from our efficiencies and economies of scale as well as our established relationships with cryptocurrency borrowers. By pooling together different clients' and managing their lending, our Global Agency Lending services prove attractive to institutional borrowers and lenders alike. We typically facilitate transactions with many lenders and borrowers, giving access to broad pools of supply and demand.

Cryptocurrency lending is the temporary transfer of cryptocurrency by one party, the lender, to another, the borrower.

The borrower is required to provide acceptable collateral to the securities lender in the form of cash.

All participants in our program have executed a Global Master Securities Lending Agreement (GMSLA) which has been adapted to include cryptocurrencies.

♦ Loans can have no fixed maturity and either party can unwind the transaction on demand, known as an “open”trade

♦ Loans can have a fixed maturity whereby the borrower must return the cryptocurrency on a specific date, known as a “term” trade

♦ The lender remains exposed to price risk on the lent cryptocurrency

♦ Normally the lent securities remain on-balance sheet for accounting purposes

♦ The borrower agrees to compensate the lender for any forks or similar benefits received on the lent cryptocurrency by making equivalent payments

♦ The lender no longer has the right to vote on lent cryptocurrency but can recall equivalent cryptocurrency from the borrower in an “open” trade if it wishes to vote


Value Proposition

Lower custodial costs
Collateral held in transparent custodial account(s)
Mark to Market performed continuously
Portfolio Margining available vs. TeraExchange Forward Instrument
Term or Open borrows
Portfolio Margining available vs. TeraExchange Forward Instrument
Dedicated outsourced team to facilitate locates
Mark to Market performed continuously
Facilitates creative trading strategies

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