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Swap Execution Facility

The TeraExchange SEF provides market participants with a unique opportunity to trade a range of OTC derivatives using an array of fully compliant execution models.

As well as its anonymous multi-asset central limit order book (CLOB), TeraExchange offers request for quote (RFQ), request for market (RFM) and indication of interest (IOI) trading protocols. Products include interest rate swaps, FX/NDFs, and equity derivatives. Clearing is integrated through CME Group and LCH.Clearnet.

With benchmark and customized derivatives trading, TeraExchange enables participants to precisely hedge, consolidate or terminate risk positions.



Participants of TeraExchange Swap Execution Facility enjoy the following features at no cost.

Execution Management System

TeraDirect is a full-featured Execution Management System (EMS) for trading OTC cleared derivatives, as well as the equities, futures, fixed income and options markets.

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Credit Checking

TeraExchange offers real-time trading and clearing limits through our proprietary TeraCheck Risk Management System, ensuring compliance with the Commodities Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) clearing mandate.

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TeraExchange provides participants with superior flexibility and choice of how they access its swap exchange facility.

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Instrument Offerings

Products include interest rate, foreign exchange and digital commodity contracts.

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