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Credit Checking


TeraExchange offers real-time trading and clearing limits through our proprietary TeraCheck Risk Management System, and by doing so ensure compliance with the Commodities Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) clearing mandate. TeraCheck enables market participants to pre-screen orders prior to execution in low latency, providing certainty of clearing acceptance by their clearing members at the time of execution.

TeraCheck is a user-accessible risk management application with two primary functions: (1) pre-execution risk checking that promotes a market place in which every order is firm, not just an indication of interest; and (2) real-time monitoring by risk managers of market participants' orders and executions on TeraExchange.

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TeraCheck is a proprietary pre-trade credit risk management engine that allows market participants and their clearing members to enter and maintain appropriate risk controls and promotes the firmness of orders and finality of trade execution. TeraCheck integrates seamlessly with all in-house and external credit hub systems.

TeraCheck's flexible risk schematic allows clearing members to carve out risk limits in either a global or granular level or both. Customizable risk profiles can be assigned to a client or fund account. Additionally, TeraCheck is integrated with the Traiana LimitHub platform further broadening the scope of risk controls that TeraExchange clearing members have over their clients.

TeraCheck also has utility for the trading firm risk officer. The malleability of the TeraCheck risk profile provides risk officers with the flexibility to manage what instruments individuals or trading groups within an organization may trade.

In the bilateral bitcoin forwards market, TeraCheck is used to ensure that market participants engaging in request for quote(RFQ) negotiations have sufficient collateral on deposit within custodial accounts. Existing positions are marked to market daily, ensuring that collateral balance levels are up to date and accurate.